Zhanna Nagornova


Zhanna Nagornova


Neuroscientist at the Institute of the I.M. Sechenov Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Neuroscientist at the Institute of the I.M. Sechenov Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences. Studies EEG signals associated with movement commands, develops techniques and rehabilitation protocols. Published 21 articles in scientific journals.

Research fileds:

Processing of the brain signal Brain computer interfaces Brain mechanisms of non-verbal creativity Training of creative thinking

Main publications:

Brain-computer interfaces:

  • Stankevich L. A., Sonkin K. M., Shemyakina N. V., Nagornova Zh. V. , Khomenko Yu. G., Perets D. S., Koval A.V. EEG Pattern Decoding of Rhythmic Individual Finger Imaginary Movements of one Hand // Human Physiology. 2016. Vol. 42. N.1. P. 32–42.
  • Stankevich, L.A., Sonkin, K.M., Nagornova, Zh.V., Khomenko, J.G., & Shemyakina, N.V. Classification of Electroencephalographic Patterns of Imaginary One-hand Finger Movements for Brain-Computer Interface Development. SPIIRAS Proceedings, 2015. V.3 N.40, 163-182.(In Russian)
  • Sonkin, K.M., Stankevich, L.A., Khomenko, J.G., Nagornova, Zh.V., & Shemyakina, N.V. Development of electroencephalographic pattern classifiers for real and imaginary thumb and index finger movements of one hand //Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. 2015. V.63. N.2. P.107-117.
  • Sonkin, K.M., Stankevich, L.A., Khomenko, Yu.G., Nagornova, Zh.V., & Shemyakina, N.V. Classification of electroencephalographic patterns of imagined and real movements by one hand fingers using the support vectors method. // Pacific Medical Journal. 2014. N.2. P.30–35. (In Russian)
  • Children development:
  • Soroko SI, Nagornova ZhV, Rozhkov VP, Shemyakina NV. Age-Related Features of EEG Coherence in Children and Adolescents Living in the European North of Russia // Fiziol Cheloveka (Human Physiology). 2015. V.41. N.5, P.74-89.
  • Soroko SI, Bekshaev SS, Rozhkov VP, Nagornova ZhV, Shemyakina NV. General Features of the Formation of EEG Wave Structure in Children and Adolescents Living in Northern European Russia // Fiziol Cheloveka (Human Physiology). 2015. V.41., N. 4. P.62-72.
  • Shemyakina N.V., Nagornova Zh.V., Rozhkov V.P. Psychological characteristics of children, living in the European North // Annals of the Ural medical academic science N. 2, T.48., P106-107
  • Soroko SI, Shemyakina NV, Nagornova ZhV, Bekshaev SS. Longitudinal study of EEG frequency maturation and power changes in children on the Russian North // Int J Dev Neurosci. 2014.V.38. P.127-137


  • Nagornova ZhV, Shemiakina NV. Differences of activations in visual and associative zones during figurative and verbal activity //Ross Fiziol Zh Im I M Sechenova. 2014.V.100. N.4. P.418-432. (In Russian)
  • Shemyakina N.V., Nagornova Zh.V., Ponomarev V.A. Independent component analysis for creative versus non-creative task performance // article in proceedings of the WSEAS international conference on medical physiology, Cambridge, UK, February 23-25, 2010 (published in Advances in biomedical research) pp. 222-228 
  • Danko S. G., Shemyakina N. V.,  Nagornova Zh. V., Starchenko M. G. Comparison of the effects of the subjective complexity and verbal creativity on EEG spectral power parameters // Human Physiology. 2009. V. 35, N. 3. P. 381.
  • Shemyakina N. V., Starchenko M. G., Nagornova Zh. V. Creative thinking and integrative neurophysiology // chapter in the book Topics in Higher Brain Functions // eds F. Jagla and I. Richansky, Comenius University, 2008, Bratislava, P. 9.
  • Nagornova Zh. V. Changes in the EEG power during  tests for nonverbal (figurative) creativity // Human Physiology. 2007. V. 33. N. 3. P. 277.
  • Bechtereva N. P.,  Nagornova Zh. V. Changes in EEG Coherence during Tests for Nonverbal (Figurative) Creativity // Human Physiology, 2007. V. 3. N. 5. P. 515. 
  • Shemyakina N. V., Danko S. G., Nagornova Zh. V., Starchenko M. G., and Bechtereva N. P. Changes in the Power and Coherence Spectra of the EEG Rhythmic Components during Solution of a Verbal Creative Task of Overcoming a Stereotype // Human Physiology, 2007, V. 33, N. 5, P. 524.

Personal grants:

  • 2012/2013 12-36-01253a2, Russian Humanitarian scientific foundation. “Investigation of stimuli type influence (verbal, nonverbal) on brain mechanisms of creative thinking”.
  • 2011 11-36-00353a2, Russian Humanitarian scientific foundation. “Investigation of brain maintainance of creative factors – fluency, flexibility, originality according to personal traits of creative thinking”.
  • 2010 Prize winner of the “post-doc’s projects” competition organized by Russian Government
  • and Russian ministry of science and education in Saint-Petersburg, Russia