Lev Stankevich - Technical Director, Ph.D.

CTO, Ph.D.

Lev Stankevich


Professor in Artificial Intelligence, World champion in football of robots (RoboCup)

Associate Professor, Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Peter the Greate St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. The number of scientific publications - 215.


Stankevich Lev Aleksandrovich, was born in 1941 in Leningrad. Graduated from the school 49 in 1958. In 1958-1964 was a student of the Leningrad Aviation Instrument Engineering Institute, specializing in aircraft automatics. PhD (Technical Sciences) (1969), has the title of Senior Research Officer (1970) and Associate Professor (1981). Professor of the Department of System Analysis and Management of SPbSPU since 2008.

Directions of scientific research

Studies in the field of cognitive systems with an emphasis on the development of methods of learning and self-learning, as well as neuromorphic means, providing intellectual systems the possibility of automatically accumulating knowledge about the environment and behavior in it (GRNTI 28.23.20, 28.23.23 .28.23.24). Two RFBR grants were implemented. Development of robotic agents for gaming and industrial applications (GRNTI 28.23.27). Participation in the International Scientific and Practical Initiative RoboCup (Robot Cup). All leading universities of the world and many well-known companies participate in the development of this initiative. A team has been created to prepare for RoboCup (for details). Development of intelligent control systems for humanoid robots and conducting cognitive research and using such robots (GRNTI 55.30.31). A number of publications in collections and proceedings of conferences. Participation in initiative projects. Teaching Activities


  • Intelligent systems (the program - bachelors);
  • Intelligent information systems (program - masters);
  • Methods of artificial intelligence;
  • Cognitive multi-agent systems in English.