Konstantin Sonkin


Innovative Entrepreneur, PhD, MBA

with more than ten years of broad international experience in leading and handling large-scale projects in interdisciplinary areas. Dedicated to finding innovative solutions for cutting edge, real world problems of human-computer interaction and neuro-rehabilitati...

Natalia V. Shemyakina

Head of the neurophysiological research department, leading developer, PhD

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Research fileds:

  • Brain mechanisms of creative thinking in norm and pathology
  • Enhancement of creative thinking
  • Children development
  • Education of children and adults
  • Brain signal processing
  • Brain computer interface

Main publications:

  • Stankevich L. A., Sonkin K. M., Sh...

Lev A. Stankevich

Technical Director, Ph.D.

An expert in the field of artificial intelligence, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Peter the Greate St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. Field of expertise: artificial intelligence, artificial cognitive systems, intelligent robots, neurointerfaces. The number of scientific publications - 215. The world champion in football robots RoboCup.

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Yulia G. Khomenko

Leading developer, analyst and specialist in the introduction and adaptation of the product to practical application, PhD

Leading developer, analyst and specialist in the introduction and adaptation of the product to practical application, PhD, research associate of the Laboratory of Neuroimaging of the N.P. Bechtereva Institute of the Human Brain, Russian Academy of Sciences.

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Zhanna V. Nagornova

Leading developer, neuroscientist, PhD, researcher

Leading developer, neuroscientist, PhD, researcher at the Institute of the I.M. Sechenov Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences. Studies EEG signals associated with movement commands, informative signs of EEG signals for the classification of fine motor commands, perfo...

Philip V. Gundelakh

Leading developer, programmer

Development of algorithms and architecture of applied software, development of application programs, system administration.

Postgraduate student, in 2016 graduated with honors from the Master’s Degree of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Politechnical University in the course “Mechatronics and Rob...

Alexandra V. Chevykalova

Leading developer, programmer

Developer, programmer, bachelor of the Institute of Computer Science and Technology of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great in the direction of “System Analysis and Management”.

Participation in the development of the brain-computer interface for several years, the main task is to...

Козлов Сергей Сергеевич

Коммерческий директор

Ответственный за продажи, клиентский сервис и дистрибуцию. Эксперт в продажах с многолетним опытом в логистических и IT-компаниях в должности коммерческого директ..

Коваленко Геннадий Васильевич

Финансовый директор

Финансовый эксперт. Имеет многолетний успешный опыт консультирования в области экономики предприятия, управления инвестициями и рисками, эдвайзер нескольких ста...