September, 22-23, in St. Petersburg will host a large-scale science festival – SCIENCE FEST 2018, at which i-Brain will tell you why you need neurointerface!

September, 22-23 in St. Petersburg will be SCIENCE FEST 2018, which will bring together 10 sites of the city and present an extensive program to visitors: lectures of practitioners of the latest technologies, workshops, flying drones, expositions of robots and space technology, the battle of startups and art installations.

On September 23, at 13.00 you can listen to a lecture by renowned neurophysiologist and co-founder of i-Brain company Natalia Shemyakin on the topic “Why we need neurointerfaces.” Here from 11.00-20.00 you will be able to see large-scale installations, innovative technologies will be presented at the stands in an interactive format. In particular, the innovative company i-Brain will introduce a neurointerface with AI that reads and decodes brain signals and turns them into commands for managing computer applications. Visitors will see the work of the neurointerface in real time, get to know how the brain signals look and discover a fantastic way to play a computer game with the power of thought – just imagining movements.

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