Musk believes in the market of neurotechnologies

The innovative genius Elon Musk surprised the public again, having become one of founders of a startup called Neuralink, that will develop the technology connecting a human brain to the computer by means of computer chips.
Thus the creator of Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI and Paypal probably found to himself the new sphere of interests in which trusts and in which he is ready to put his back.

It is remarkable that, as well as the I-Brain team, founders of Neuralink consider that at the first stage such technologies are applicable in the area the biomedical technologies. The method which Musk describes will allow to treat some diseases of a brain, including epilepsy and paralysis. Then development of technology goes much further. The ultimate goal is to increase in efficiency of person — an acceleration of its interaction with information that “will help mankind to avoid enslavement by an artificial intelligence”. On Twitter Mask promised that detailed article about Neuralink will be published in blog “Wait but Why” within a week.
Some experts managed to get some details about technology from a network before the publication of official system datasheet. They have marked the following moments: Neuralink is the direct interface between the computer and a human brain using the thinnest implanted electrodes. And this interface is using so-called technology of neural lace – a smart method of reading of oscillations of average activity of neurons in the big area (mathematically it is approximately the same very difficult calculation which is used when the finger clicks the smartphone screen on rather big area, at the same time activating small area with an icon or the button inside).

Implementation, most likely, will appear like this: hundreds and hundreds of electrodes connected to the controller read bioelectric activity and transmit it for decryption to the machine/computer. So far nothing is told about the reverse transmission, but such opportunity is obviously meant to be realized in future. The principal stumbling block of technology is individual identity of an activity pattern of brain of each certain person in each separate situation. In Neuralink they try to pass this block elegantly by using neural lace. How exactly it will look like is “know how” of company, and we can’t estimate it directly, but it is possible that “the neuronet over a neuronet” will be applied. It is a special chip with technology of deep training in the controller which will register patterns and change them depending on a status of a brain of the user.

Anyway so far we cannot but to guess what specifically will offer us Neuralink. But the fact that Musk is interested in neurotechnologies is a significant one. Losing no time, he makes the next team of professionals. On the “bare” website of the organization there is only information on the purpose of the company and the list of vacancies – nothing extra.

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