i-Brain took part in the Neuroforum 2017 in St. Petersburg

November 23-24, 2017. St. Petersburg. NeuroForum

Neuroforum was primarily aimed at attracting attention to neurotechnologies, formulating a strategy for the development of consumer properties of products and services in the field, as well as at developing business models in the neurotechnologies market through a joint discussion of speakers with the audience in a brainstorming format.
The forum was attended by representatives of the Government of St. Petersburg, academic universities and government funds supporting innovations and initiatives.

At the exhibition, i-Brain team successfully presented the technology for neurorehabilitation to the official delegation headed by Maxim Meiksin (Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovations of St. Petersburg) and Kirill Soloveichik (head of Lenpoligraphmash JSC and ASI representative in St. Petersburg).

The program of the forum was rich and multidisciplinary. There were several round tables and master classes on important and cutting edge topics. i-Brain team presented at a round table on the development of neurocognitive interfaces and the possibility of their development and implementation in daily practice. i-Brain moderated a round table on the topic: “Models of promotion to the global market using the example of the“ Neurorehabilitation Complex ”project. We described barriers and opportunities an innovative company faces in Russian realities, as well as goals and objectives it should focus at on order to penetrate market before such giants as Neurolink and Facebook.

A separate time was allocated for an open master class to reveal our rehabilitation complex in action. The interest of the visitors was so high that the leading software developer Philipp Gundelah could not leave the stand even for a minute.
Natalya Shemyakina, Head of iBrain Neurophysiological Unit and Lev Stankevich, Technical Director, also gave a lecture on “Brain-to-Neuro-Rehabilitation Computer Interfaces” and collected a full house. As it turned out, the lecture was interesting both for the professional audience – representatives of research organizations of the medical and biomedical areas, and for start-ups, game and VR developers, who are gaining momentum.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning the positive assessment of our project by the professional community, led by Professor Alexander Kaplan, a member of the headquarters and the expert council of NeuroNet. He highlighted strong rehabilitation potential, scientific validity and gamification of the rehab process.

Our team was strengthened in the vision that the choice of the scope of our development was made correctly.
The event was covered in the official media. A short video report is available by reference

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