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The sixth forum Polytech RISE Weekend took place in St. Petersburg and it has already became the large city platform for acquaintance of students to the largest companies in the sphere of innovations. Representatives of such companies as Sberbank technology, BIOCAD and GS Group, gave a talk to students about how to get a job and where to take money for development of the startup.

Master classes in programming of robots, exhibition of innovative technologies and gadgets, series of lectures about popular scientific journalism, direct communication of experts of large companies with young specialists, and also the acceleration program for projects in the field of Neyronet — this is the approximate program of the forum which took place during two days in the scientific-research bulk of Polytechnical University.
Two main issues of the forum was emphasized as follows: “In what field Young Specialist Can Be Useful to the Large Company?” and “What technologies will be demanded in future?” . Answers turned out to be like these: “For all attendees in this hall “disruptive innovation” shall be the key phrase — Dmitry Ivanov, the director for innovative development of NPO Saturn explained. — So-called “disruptive innovations” are based on the idea that making business using such innovations will kill the whole segment of previous business”.
All speakers agreed with this statement: the large companies look for the employees capable to create revolutionary technologies. For this purpose young specialists need to understand well a landscape of the market which they enter.

Active and open-minded personnel
For development of new technologies experts of a forum distinguished bioinformatics and genetic engineering as the most perspective spheres. Andrey Kuksov, the chief innovation officer at Sberbank technologies, separately noted big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) – integration of the real and virtual worlds. […]
The theory was supported by participants of an exhibition of innovative gadgets and technologies: they already listened to these recommendations and created their startups. The ultralight electroscooter, the robodesigner or macrolenses allowing to turn the smartphone into a powerful microscope – all these innovations was shown to the visitors of Polytech RISE Weekend.

“Of course, it is surprising! To my right somebody is wearing virtual reality spectacles and shoots from the virtual gun, quadcopters are flying over my head, and to left someone else also manages to show it’s new project” — Mikhail Rayak, the chief executive of Preseeding investments fund shared his impressions.
More serious developments also were presented at an exhibition. Konstantin Sonkin, scientist and researcher of SPBSTU, showed a hardware and software system for neurorehabilitation of large and small motility. And Oleg Kovalyov, the student of SPTSTU, provided the Robohand project — the bionic artificial limb of a hand allowing to compensate some functions of lost extremity.
“We tried to make a forum attractive to youth by diluting serious content with entertaining actions” — Olga Borshcheva, one of organizers of a forum and the director of a business incubator “Polytechnical” explains.

Bright sparks
[…] Most of participants offered programs for projects at different stages of development from the idea to a ready prototype. The semi-final of one of such programs — “Bright sparks” by Fund of assistance to innovations took place on the second day of a forum. From 44 teams 25 have reached the final, and 13 of them are the students of Polytechnical university. Among one of the most interesting projects jury noted Vasily Bychkov’s idea (“Development of a compact fire extinguishing spray”) and David Ensky (development of artificial tactil sensitive skin).

[…] The second part of a semi-final which fell on Polytech RISE Weekend passed on old selection criterias, but at the final stage participants should explain the entrepreneurial potential of the projects in detail. The final of tender will take place on December 5-9 where teams once again will provide their projects to the experts. The best of the best will receive a grant 500 thousand rubles.

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