i-Brain at the conference “Social blocking and crypto-charity”

March 1, 2017. St. Petersburg. Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Organizers of the conference gathered diverse audience, which included charitable foundations, venture philanthropists, developers of platforms and services for the social sphere. Among the partners are actively developing organizations – Philtech accelerator, BeEasy, 1 + 1 platform, Bankex Foundation, etc.
Case studies on the introduction of blockchain technology in the social sphere were presented: innovative projects, such as cyberleninka, digital experts, and others told about their first steps. Among them was the project “Neurorehabilitation of the new generation Brain is Life” based on i-Brain technology.

A clear message was formulated – cryptoinvestment is a new driver of innovation in personalized medical technologies. Thus, cryptoinvestments can not only accelerate the development of the project, but also become a new form of targeted donations – e.g. to cover neurorehabilitation after stroke to needy patients.
In general, the implementation of this new phenomenon in practice requires the development of services and platforms for social cryptoinvestment. We look forward to their introduction into everyday life with impatience, because they can dramatically simplify access to charity making it effective and transparent. We hope that the technology of crypto philanthropy will allow each of us to make this world a better place!

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