Testing a new i-Brain gaming application

July, 17 the i-Brain team in I.M. Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry tested the pre-alpha version of the Dragon Hunt neurocomputer game. The application was developed by a volunteer, a student of the St. Petersburg Polytech Vladislav Brazhnikov. The role of the hunter in the game was also played by a Polytechnic student Maxim Petrov, who with the help of a neural interface with artificial intelligence bravely fought dragons in Dragon Hunt, armed with both a crossbow and a magic ability to throw fireballs.

According to the test participants, the dragon hunt was not only successful, but also extremely exciting. Still - to shoot down dragons with the power of imagination! The famous Merlin is resting!

Testing a new i-Brain gaming application

As one of the test participants, Amir Mukbil, a student of the Polytechnic University, said, “every self-respecting gamer would want to experience this gameplay.” i-Brain team is grateful to volunteer students, especially Vladislav, for participating in a project that allows neurotechnology to become accessible to people. It is pleasant and effective to work with not indifferent, initiative people, aimed not only at professional growth, but also at solving acute social problems.

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